South East Asia Manufacturing Operations Consultancy
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to assure our client's success in starting a manufacturing operation in Vietnam or China
Office Locations

Las Vegas, United States
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Shenzhen, China
Peter W. Sognefest
President and Chief Executive Officer
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We can provide the guidance and management skills that will help assure the success of a factory start-up in Asia.  We have started and managed ten factories with seven of them offshore start-ups. They were all successful without "spin-off" or "technology rip-off" problems.  Each Asian factory became the productivity, quality, yield and cost leader in the parent company's factory portfolio.  We have provided leadership for start-ups in Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico and Puerto Rico.  A partial list of keys to this success is as follows:

1. Site Selection - For each Asian country location, choose an Industrial Park and province that has a track record of honesty.  It assures "hassle free" operation from the beginning of the program.

2. Key Asian Management - Seamoc does background checks and selects the management team with the "right" individual personality profiles and skill sets to help assure short-term and long-term success.

3. Training - Seamoc Mentors the Asian and United States manufacturing teams to work together for mutual success while focusing on the details of the start-up plan.

4. Management - Seamoc manages the Vietnam Team  until the start-up is successfully completed.

5. Start-up Plans and Feasibility Studies - This service completes a start-up plan with the cash needed to beome profitable. It also answeres the questions to determine if Vietnam or China make sense for your company.

6. Start-up Services - Seamoc manages the entire start-up process from planning, getting the investment license, hiring the management team, fitting out the factory, and starting production.

7. Construction Services - Seamoc gets three reliable builders to quote on new construction and checks the progress of the building at each stage to assure successful completion with specified materials and plans.

8. Sourcing Services - Seamoc has offices in Shenzhen, China and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to provide sourcing services for clients who need Asian sources for their Asian Factory's needs.